When I was 45yrs old I decided, with zero experience, that I wanted to take riding lessons. I chose SSF and trainer Cassie Chapman to teach me. Many years, several horses and lots of blue ribbons later I am glad I did!! If you are looking for a barn that provides top notch stalls, pastures and attention to the health and well being of your horse this is the place for you. If you want riding arenas that are groomed daily with quality jumps, you will love it here. If you want to be in a barn where a healthy environment and camaraderie among riders is part of the day to day then this is the place for you (the older rider) or your superstar next generation rider (your kid). Cassie is a very patient and understanding trainer as well as an accomplished equestrian. She’s as patient with the beginner rider as she is with the most stubborn horse. I’ve seen other barns and other trainers and I can tell you that SSF is one of the top facilities around.


Southern Star Farms has created such a positive environment for my daughters to grow up in. We are always cracking a joke saying the farm has helped raised our kids ; but it’s true !

My oldest daughter, Grace 14, has literally told me that the moment we pull up into the drive way of the farm she’s completely at ease & happy ; that if she had a great day, it’s even better now ; or if she’s had a rough day , her worries are immediately set aside ! The lake , the trees, the beautiful barn , excellent care for our horses , our trainer , Cassie , & her family that lives on site, have given our children an amazing environment to ride in! Cassie’s attention to detail while giving a lesson is second to non. She gives her full attention & is literally always upbeat & fun in the 4 years we have been here !In the arena while teaching , the delivery of her message is always positive yet assertive to give my kids the confidence to achieve their goals & overcome any fears or obstacles . She will break down the instruction so that the individual understands it; she caters the message to how that person will digest it best versus teaching everyone the same ! I appreciate that greatly because having 3 kids I know they each digest information differently !

Our kids have had much success at the horse shows & had many fun days spent at the farm riding & hanging out !

It’s been a blessing finding this farm!

Dayna kohout

I’ve been at this barn for 9 years and I love it. Barn and stalls are always immaculate. The turnout is the best around. Horses turned out everyday, only 1 to 2 horses per pasture with safe fencing. Owner treats everyone like family. Trainer is very patient and accommodating to all levels of riders. There’s no barn drama!

Lauren Miller

I have ridden with Cassie Chapman for nearly 17 yrs. Over those years I have seen her take many horses to high levels of performance at A and AA shows. When Cassie and Rob decided to build their own facility, Southern Star Farms, it was built with great attention to care of the horses and convenience of the boarders. Moreover, it is maintained to the highest standards…definitely five star!